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2006- 2008 RAV4 VSC/ TC Disable Procedure

Update 01/01/08: Here's the file if you want to print it: VSC_Disable_Dance_Placard.doc

The standard equipment Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control systems are a wonder on slick roads, but some drivers wishing full control of the vehicle will want to disable the Electronic Nanny. Toyota did not provide us with a Disable Switch such as can be found in many other vehicles, but there is a work-around. This topic has been discussed a number of times at RAV4World... on this thread in particular (please read for details and comments):

RAV4World - How to Disable Traction Control and VSC

I would really like to have a dashboard switch, but considering the complexity of the RAV4's wiring system it would not be a project for the faint of heart, and it could threaten your warranty. I will wait and see if my resolve strengthens before hacking into the wires.

I streamlined the "cheat code" to make it simpler to refer to in a hurry, since you only have 30 seconds from the beginning to complete the "Disable Dance" before you have to try again. With practice you can easily do it in 10 or 15 seconds. I printed the following checklist at reduced size (number 8 font), laminated it with 2 inch clear packaging tape, and put it in the center console for easy access.

CAUTION: the VSC and TC systems will be disabled until you restart the car, resulting in very different vehicle behavior. The ABS WILL remain functional. It's interesting to experiment in a safe environment AWAY from spectators and homes, especially on a snow covered parking lot. You will learn a lot about the limits of your trucklet, but please be safe and responsible.


This has been proven at RAV4World to work on the 2006+ RAV4. Note: the following procedure was shortened and reworded by John Davies 12/11/06.

1. Shifter: PARK --- Parking brake: OFF --- Engine: OFF.

2. Engine: START

3. Parking brake: ON

4. Brake pedal: PUMP TWICE (full press and release)

5. Parking brake: OFF

6. Brake pedal: ON (full down).

7. Parking brake: PUMP TWICE (pull and release, while holding brake pedal).

8. Brake pedal: OFF

9. Parking brake: ON

10. Brake pedal: PUMP TWICE

When the VSC "Skidding Car" light is displayed in the multifunction display, you’ll know that you have successfully completed the procedure.


RAV4 Page Updated January 01, 2007

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