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Joe Bar Team


Joe Bar Team Home Page (French)

Update: 01/24/08: I found an English version of Joe Bar here: Joe Bar Team Volume 1. Following are some partial scans from that volume to give you a taste for these wondrous idiots.

Note: "Nitroglycerimethanol" is a hitherto unknown racing fuel additive and "Rolling Burn-Out" is a noxious drink developed at the Joe Bar... together they create serious horsepower, but usually shortened engine life and sometimes scattered pistons.

From Amazon.com: "The First Tome is the Best., January 10, 2004

Reviewer: Adam K. (Fayetteville, NC) - See all my reviews

If you are an American (like me), you are one of the few here in the States that has even heard of these guys. Think of them as the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers on cafe racers. "Joe Bar" is the name of their hangout. The first Tome is our heros in the late 70's, battling the police, Harley riders, cheap malfunctioning J.C. Whitney electrical doodads, and each other as they scream around Paris. Tomes 2-4 have a sketchier drawing style (which I dont like), and jumps to the 90's where the original characters have upgraded their bikes, adopted some new kids to continue the mayhem, and have mellowed out some. A huge hit in Europe amongst street-fighter bikers and cafe-racer clubs, be the first on your block to sport a sticker on your helmet. Available in English for the first Tome only from Amazon UK."

I have never had a chance to see read this incredibly funny stuff in English - everything here was picked off the Internet. Enjoy. If you happen to know of any links to ENGLISH versions of these strips, I would be most grateful for them!

The Guys:



Strip Captures:


Most of these pics were found at the following sites:

Thias - Page du Joe Bar Team - Images



Joe bar team.it - Prodotti joe bar team in vendita online.



And here is an article (in English, finally) about the primary artist of the strip:

Comic creator: Fane

Updated Jan 24, 2008